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Arches National Park, UT
Tony Farley, Beautiful Places.

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uStudio skillfully powered distribution of the Walk with Giants video and podcast campaign across the Benelux region, Greece and Spain.

BBH London
Johnnie Walker

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Centralize Videos


uStudio is the easiest way to bring together all your video assets in one place, and organize them in a way that makes sense for your business. From here you can subgroup your videos into collections; add meta-data, thumbnails and descriptions; share and distribute them to your audience, and then analyze performance.

Centralize Videos
Deliver Everywhere


YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Hulu, iTunes, Roku, Blinkx, Daily Motion and Blip...the list goes on. uStudio delivers your high qual­ity videos to any des­ti­na­tion point at the click of a few buttons. We have auto-connections to more than 15 open des­ti­na­tions, and the abil­ity to deliver to any pro­pri­etary dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner you spec­ify.

Deliver Everywhere
One-Click Video Sites


A customer favorite capability is the unique uStudio VideoSites destination. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can create a new webpage that serves up one or more of your videos. Send people the URL and they will be viewing your videos in a matter of seconds. No more emailing large files or dropping them in weird boxes.

One-Click Video Sites
Tracking and Analytics


uStu­dio collects and aggre­gates con­tent per­for­mance sta­tis­tics for videos across your pub­lished des­ti­na­tions. You can now go to one place to see how your videos are performing. uStu­dio tracks impres­sions, views and engage­ment across all of your des­ti­na­tions so you can see how your video invest­ments are per­form­ing, includ­ing con­ver­sions from video load-to-play, and most viewed or shared video, as well as the pre­ferred length of time.

Tracking and Analytics