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Do More With Video

Powering Video Across the Enterprise

uStudio moves video effortlessly wherever it needs to go. Forget the technical challenges holding you back, we handle it all — uploading, encoding, video hosting, storage, collaboration, asset management, distribution & measurement. (And that’s just the short list.) Plus, it’s all in one easy to use cloud-based platform.

Gain control over your video library

Video assets are scattered everywhere — different servers, hard-drives, laptops, mobile devices. uStudio lets you easily organize, access, and share all of your videos in a single cloud-based hub.

  • Easily upload video from anywhere.
  • Centrally store and access metadata.
  • Intuitively organize & access anytime.
Share videos with your team

You need to securely share your videos with internal teams. For post-production reviews among the creative team. For marketing and other groups to access and use in campaigns. uStudio lets your teams access, review and (re)use your video assets – quickly and easily.

  • Simplify review process.
  • Give secure access to dailies.
  • Manage video workflow & lifecycle.
Share videos with private audiences

You have a specific audience that needs to see your videos in a particular timeframe or format – and you need a quick and easy way to make them available and ensure they are private. uStudio’s unique Video Sites capability is a simple and powerful solution.

  • Easily share videos securely.
  • Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Track views & engagement.
Distribute videos to public audiences

You have great content and want the whole world to see it. Everyone, everywhere. On every device. uStudio gets your video to wherever your audience watches video online – we take care of all the technical heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

  • Quick & easy publishing.
  • Distribute most up-to-date content.
  • Track views & engagement.

Used by Video Leaders Everywhere

We’re proud to work with the world’s leading video innovators who are pushing the boundaries of what’s next.


uStudio skillfully powered distribution of the Walk with Giants video and podcast campaign across the Benelux region, Greece and Spain.

BBH London
Johnnie Walker

uStudio is the Rosetta Stone of video – it translates things. It takes one video file and translates it into different versions and then automatically uploads those files to the appropriate places – and it works!

Jeff Reed
Austin Ridge

Using uStudio was an easy learning curve. Within 6 weeks we launched our content on Hulu and several other sites, it was wildly successful and very exciting to see this whole other audience come out of the internet woodwork.

Chip Warren, Producer
Calamari Productions

“uStudio has made it easy for us to provide innovative subscription-based services to our membership of communicators at Fortune 500 companies. Using uStudio we can provide a Netflix kind of experience on our website in which members get access to hundreds of hours of video content that they can watch on any device at any time. The content is hosted and posted using uStudio and includes interactive courses, presentations from our conferences, webinars, and more. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use to deliver content to public sites.”

Brian Malone, Director of Video Operations
Ragan Communications

A Smarter Solution for Managing Video

Our platform simplifies the way video is hosted, formatted, delivered and tracked inside or outside your organization. It’s a shared, online workplace for your whole team. Now you can manage video programs without any technical heavy-lifting.



uStudio is the easiest way to bring together all your video assets in one place, and organize them in a way that makes sense for your business. From here you can subgroup your videos into collections; add meta-data, thumbnails and descriptions; share and distribute them to your audience, and then analyze performance.


Coor­di­nate and nor­mal­ize the ingest of any for­mat and codec, from mul­ti­ple cre­ators and ven­dors, directly into your vir­tual stu­dio. Use sim­ple upload through your browser, FTP, or just send us a hard drive. We’re happy to take any video in any for­mat or codec


Store your high-quality video files in your uStu­dio cloud and we’ll make sure they are always avail­able when you need them. We know acci­dents hap­pen, but you can put your mind at ease know­ing we store and backup every video asset you create.

Publish & Distribute


YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Hulu, iTunes, Roku, Blinkx, Daily Motion and Blip...the list goes on.  uStudio delivers your high qual­ity videos to any des­ti­na­tion point at the click of a few buttons. We have auto-connections to more than 15 open des­ti­na­tions, and the abil­ity to deliver to any pro­pri­etary dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner you spec­ify.


Deliver your video to any mobile device, web browser or social media site. uStu­dio pro­vides an intel­li­gent player built on a next-generation framework that adapts to its destination, dynam­i­cally mov­ing between HTML5 or Flash as required. And since we know how flexible our customers' players need to be, we are able to build and integrate custom or 3rd party players inside your Studio.

uStudio VideoSites

A customer favorite capability is our unique uStudio VideoSites destination. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can create a new webpage that serves up one or more of your videos. Send people the URL and they will be viewing your videos in a matter of seconds. No more emailing large files or dropping them in weird boxes.


Deliv­er­ing your video on demand is hard work. Qual­ity, speed and redun­dancy are key suc­cess fac­tors. uStu­dio pro­vides turnkey video stream­ing ser­vices to your cho­sen des­ti­na­tions. Our cloud-based infra­struc­ture guar­an­tees your videos are always deliv­ered in high qual­ity when your audi­ence demands it. We part­ner with lead­ing Con­tent Deliv­ery Net­works to guar­an­tee your videos are deliv­ered quickly anywhere they might be viewed.


uStudio's platform can deliver your videos anywhere they need to go, all you have to do is let us know where. From MRSS feeds to API integration with platforms, websites or 3rd party applications, uStudio's technology ensures that your content is delivered securely and quickly to its intended destination.

Publish & Distribute


uStu­dio collects and aggre­gates con­tent per­for­mance sta­tis­tics for videos across your pub­lished des­ti­na­tions. You can now go to one place to see how your videos are performing. uStu­dio tracks impres­sions, views and engage­ment across all of your des­ti­na­tions so you can see how your video invest­ments are per­form­ing, includ­ing con­ver­sions from video load-to-play, and most viewed or shared video, as well as the pre­ferred length of time.


Man­ag­ing and opti­miz­ing the meta­data for video dis­cov­ery across mul­ti­ple des­ti­na­tions is crit­i­cal, yet time-consuming and com­pli­cated. uStu­dio works with you to effi­ciently man­age, update and test in one place, with key­words that search engines and your dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ners care about.

Collaborate with your video team


Share your videos with a select group of cre­ators, part­ners or cowork­ers. Share pri­vately via email links, an embed­d­a­ble player on your own site, or sim­ply use the uStu­dio Video Sites to create a password-protected gallery of your videos. Whether you need to share an early cut of your video with team members in another city, or you need to share a message from your CEO to a select few members of the press - you can do this easily with our password protection feature.


You can invite you team members to uStudio as collaborators. No matter where they are in the world, they can upload, curate, distribute and measure the effectiveness of your videos - all from a single online video solution.