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Why Use Private Podcasting for Enterprise Communications?

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Podcast usage has risen dramatically in recent years with 51% of Americans tuning in, and the average listener spending more than 6 hours per week listening to podcasts. The data tells an impressive story.

Given its incredible popularity, it’s no wonder that businesses want to leverage this medium for their workforces. Nothing beats the convenience and reliability of podcasts to distribute messages to on-the-go employees. Your team can listen or watch company updates anywhere, anytime at their convenience. In particular, the audio aspect of podcasting means they can tune in even when they don’t have access to a screen or for video podcasts, you can provide a powerful visual aids to accompany your messages. uStudio’s private podcasting app will always get your messages through.

Web & Mobile Apps | Access on desktop, tablets, phones at work, home or on the go (Apple iOS & Google Android).

Live & On Demand | Listen in real-time or playback recorded episodes.

More Convenient | Download, listen offline, connect to car audio or smart speakers.

Private & Secure | Protect confidential content with SSO authentication to any system.

High Engagement | 500% more effective than email or text.

uStudio Offers the Best in Private Podcasting


An estimated 51% of Americans listen to podcasts in 2020. That’s 155 Million people. The average podcast listener spends 6 hours and 39 minutes per week consuming podcasts.

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uStudio Enterprise Podcasting Features

Enterprise Security

Meets the toughest
IT requirements

Fully Brandable

Customize with your
own logo and colors

Simple Interfaces

Easy to use and works like
the apps you already know

Robust Analytics

To know who’s engaging with
what, when and how often

Fast Implementation

Launch in weeks not months
with help from our team

Ultimate Mobility

Mobile-first design for
anywhere, anytime listening

Resources for Success

How to Create a Private Podcast

How-to Create a Private Podcast

uStudio offers all the resources and functionalities to quickly get started with private podcasting. Our easy-to-use platform and helpful best practices are beneficial for both beginners and podcast pros.


Guide to Private Podcasting

Guide to Private Podcasting

A successful podcast program can be used to slash to-dos and costs for web enablement, remote learning, excessive intranet or training systems, and much more. uStudio offers abundant resources to build an enterprise podcast in our comprehensive guide.


Benefits of a Private Podcast

Benefits of a Private Podcast

Private podcasting will increase engagement and create a positive employee experience within your company. Discover the benefits of implementing a podcast within your business.


uStudio’s Private Podcast Solution Supports Diverse Use Cases


A centralized private podcast applications enables more subject matter experts to share their knowledge and helps more learners access the expertise they need.


The mobile experience of internal podcasting connects internal comms teams with one of the most difficult-to-reach employee segments: those without dedicated computers at work.


Informative, well planned internal podcasts can increase overall employee engagement and build rapport between management and staff.


Using private podcasts for leadership communications can help employees feel a more authentic, personal connection with top management.


Private podcasts help geographically dispersed employees stay up to date with what’s happening at HQ while providing them more flexibility around when they consume that content.


Private podcasts are great for course content that needs to be restated, recalled, and restated again, over time in order to solidify that knowledge in long term memory.

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uStudio Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private podcast?

A private podcast is a podcast that is distributed only to registered members, instead of being publicly available and listed in a directory for a massive consumer reach. Businesses create private podcasts for corporate communications, sales enablement, training, networking and more with distributed teams. Private podcasts are distributed through secure private podcasting players like uStudio with expansive customization features to meet your organization’s internal communication goals.

What is a private podcast platform?

A private podcasting platform is an internal communications tool that enables organizations to curate content for their members and is gated by an authentication system, like SSO. Platforms like uStudio are designed with branding, content organization, enterprise security and engagement analytics in mind. Organizations can use these customizable features to connect directly with members and improve engagement, with the convenience of listening offline from any device or on-the-go.

Where can I host a private podcast?

Private podcasts are hosted on private podcasting plaforms, like uStudio, and offer customizable features for content organization, branding, and engagement analytics. Most public podcasts are listed on directories amongst other podcast brands with features like a music library or online radio. While this may work for mass consumption, they lack essential customization and security features for private podcasting. To ensure that content is safe and only available to members, private podcast players like uStudio are gated behind authentication systems.

Can you make a private podcast?

Content creators and business leaders can make a podcast with minimal equipment and many uStudio customers had never even listened to a podcast before starting a private podcast for their company. Businesses using a private podcast platform such as uStudio can ensure private and secure distribution as well as more convenient and immediate distribution options. We have free resources and customer support options to help you grow your program faster, with everything you need to hit your goals.

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